The Apiarist Set

World-wide there is a bee crisis. Bees are dying off by the hundreds, and scientists can't figure out why. Bees are responsible for pollinating everything from, apples to tomatoes, worldwide- without pollination, plants can't reproduce! If bees went extinct, nothing would be able to grow or reproduce, and there would be no food. That's why so many of our products are inspired by the honeybee, so that we can spread awareness of the importance of bees. Currently, in Fiji, YOU help to provide training, tools, and supplies to help build and maintain a small bee colony. Collect your favorite bee-themed pieces in this awesome new pack!

This set was inspired by everything bee-related. It's named the "Apiarist", a fancy word for a beekeeper. So support the bees while giving 21 meals to a child in need, with the all new "Apiarist Set".

This pack includes:

  • White "Honeybee"
  • Natural "Honeybee"
  • Black "Honeycomb" 

Fashion With a Cause // Our mission is to feed children in need and to provide you with quality products from head-to-toe. For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, YOU provide 7 meals for a child in need!

$ 116.00 $ 87.00