Cognac Round Bag
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$ 190.00 $ 124.00

These discounted leather bags are sold as is, we will not be accepting returns. They are discounted because they may:

  • Have naturally occurring scratches (*see below for more info)
  • Might have been over or under-oiled, resulting in variance in color
  • Be warped a little bit around the stitching

*Naturally Occurring Scratches: These slight imperfections were made before the leather is harvested. They happen when the cattle rub up against fencing or bark, resulting in a cut that, when healed, leaves a scar. This small scar can be seen on leather goods after production.

Basic Product Info:

For every HALF UNITED leather bag you purchase you give 21 meals to a child in need all while providing jobs for men and women transitioning out of orphanages in Haiti!

  • Handmade in Haiti in partnership with Haiti Made
  • Gives 21 meals to a child in need!
  • Provides life empowering jobs in Haiti & the USA

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