Disha Shidham is the CEO of Savy, a company that gives consumers a voice as they shop online and helps small businesses better price their products, a tool used to create HALF UNITED's "Name Your Own Price" collection. We recently sat down with Disha to learn more about her upbringing and what drew her to start Savy!


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"People feel they're too small to create impact, but it's not true. We can always find ways to create impact. If you have an idea, don't be afriad to bring it to other people. You will always be able to find others that are looking for opportunities to do good that will join you..." read the full article, here.

"I think that’s part of why so many millennials aim to be socially conscious and why we’re such a mission driven generation. The only way to really be successful or fulfilled is to make sure your work every day means something..." read full article, here.

"As consumers, we won’t always have all the answers so it’s also important to just be conscious about purchasing only what you really need and spend time researching those items. Also, don’t forget about purchasing second hand..." read full article, here.

"I really think that if you create something that someone needs, artistically, I think that that really feeds their soul. Creating something that speaks to them at the deepest part of them, is a very nourishing thing..." read full article, here.

"Doing your HALF is as easy as smiling, or saying hello to someone on the street. I find that when you simply acknowledge someone, it can turn their day around. It fills them with joy and, in turn, fills you with joy..." read full article, here.

"I’ll never know what that exchange meant to her, perhaps nothing or maybe it meant a lot, but that’s not the point. We can start where we are, use what we have, and even when it’s not perfect, we can try to alleviate someone’s load..." read full article, here.

"Whether we know it or not, we have all been moved and shaped by the actions of other people, both positive and negative, and it's a decision we have to make everyday, to decide what kind of action we are going to take..." read full article, here.

"I think the greatest thing we can do for others, and ourselves, is help or give something, even if it's just something like giving a compliment or smile to a stranger. So I encourage you, wherever you live, to go out do something nice for someone today..." read full article, here.

"I remember thinking later that night that her warm welcome was not over-the-top, it was the way humans are meant to greet each other. This was a seven-year-old who somehow seemed to understand the purest form of coexistence while I was fumbling over my words trying to make small talk in the cab five minutes earlier..." read full article, here.

"We got to talk about how love is action, and how everyone has hard times, and how all of us will need help at some point, and how allowing people to have dignity when they are in need is so important..." read full article, here.

"A day that started out focused completely on my own needs, was ambushed for such a higher calling, and a beautiful lesson. I made the choice to help a stranger, and in the end, she helped me far more..." read full article, here.

"Although we were there to serve such a broken community, the community in itself served us. As people that are all living this life together, selflessness and teamwork is exactly what we need from one another because that is how we are meant to live..." read full article, here.