HALF UNITED was founded in 2009 by brother/sister duo, Christian and Carmin Black, with only $200 and a passion to change the lives of people in need.  For every HALF UNITED product that you purchase, YOU provide 7 meals for a child in need. To date, HALF UNITED's customers have provided over 200,000 meals for children in need in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia, Liberia, Nepal and Haiti!

HU is headquartered in the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina. In the early days, HU was run entirely by volunteers who believed in our mission to end the global hunger epidemic. It wasn't until year 3 that the HU team took a pay check! (Now that's dedication). Due to the financial state of the business, nearly every product designed early on was recycled. "Admittedly, our products during the beginning stages of our company weren't the greatest" states HU co-founder, Christian Black. "We are so thankful for the people that have supported us since the beginning.  When we first started, no one was buying our products because they thought they were cool.  They were buying into our mission to fight world hunger and that's what propelled us to where we are today." 
The "Fighting Hunger" Bullet Necklace
Not long after HU was founded were we searching for a symbol of our customer's FIGHT against global hunger. Having little money to work with, the HU team looked for something that could be recycled that would present a powerful message.  That's when a friend donated a handful of recycled bullet casings, suggesting that we may be able to use them in our jewelry design. "We were sitting in my living room, holding these recycled casings when it clicked", stated HU co-founder, Carmin Black. "These casings will be a representation of our fight against hunger!  Every time a customer purchases a 'Fighting Hunger' necklace they are peacefully fighting hunger all over the world."