Fashion With A Cause

At HALF UNITED we have a deep love for fashion that goes beyond trends and material possessions. For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, YOU provide 7 meals for a child in need! Our desire is to create high quality products that you love, that give back to children in need, in the most empowering way. It's fashion with a cause. By partnering with orphanages and NGOs, in countries like Liberia, Madagascar, Cambodia, Fiji, Haiti, Nepal, and the USA, our customers have been able to provide over 500,000 meals for children in need, since 2009. But our giving goes beyond food. By working with orphanages, our donations have empowered children across the globe, by providing them with the education and skills which allow them the opportunity to better provide for themselves and their families, in the future. By eliminating the worry for food, your HALF UNITED purchases are allowing children to focus on their education. Designing fashion with a cause inspires us, everyday, to create timeless products of the greatest possible quality. We know that the happier our customers are, the more children we can feed. Wear your HALF UNITED products proudly, knowing that YOU have provided 7 meals for a child in need! Thank you for believing in our dream of fashion with a cause. Thank you for doing your HALF.

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Fighting hunger in the USA
Fighting hunger in Haiti

Fighting Hunger in Haiti
Fighting Hunger in Fiji