We use a bullets in our designs to represent our FIGHT against global hunger. For every product purchased HALF UNITED gives a week of meals to feed children in need! We have taken a symbol that is often times seen as a negative and we have transformed it into a positive.
Growing up the children of a pastor, HU sibling co-founders, Carmin and Christian Black were constantly exposed to the needs of people all over the world. HALF UNITED fights hunger because we saw that there was a need in the world and that WE could do something about it!
HALF UNITED feeds children in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia and Haiti.  In the USA we work to build community gardens, volunteer at the food bank and educate children and young adults on the importance of healthy eating.  In Cambodia and Fiji we quarterly fund feeding projects that help sustain fish farms, rice fields, sweet potato crops, chicken coups, vegetable gardens and more.  Our impact in Haiti has been through job creation.  We work to provide food for children and empower adults through jobs.