It is our collective duty to end racial injustice by both challenging and dismantling the systems that perpetuate it. We pledge to make lasting change—starting from within. Here are the steps we’re continuing to take as a company:




Our Commitment To Change


We are focused on amplifying and supporting the voices of people of color through meaningful partnerships, storytelling, and curation.

We are continually working to broaden our ambassador program and employees to include more people of color. As of today, we provide jobs across the globe to a majority of people who identify as BIPOC and this is an amount we are constantly focusing on growing.

We know that real change begins here: with our team. We’re taking a serious look at the responsibility we have to foster diversity of all kinds through our hiring practices, both internally and externally as we are devoted to casting models that better represent the many diverse faces of HALF UNITED.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can make positive change. Send us an email; we're reading every single message we get. This is an open dialogue, and we're ready to listen.

Let's fight hunger together!

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