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The Bullet Necklace

     Why the bullet? Not long after HU was founded we were searching for a symbol of our customer's FIGHT against global hunger. Having little money to work with, the HALF UNITED team started looking for something that could be recycled into jewelry that would present a powerful message.  That's when a friend gave us a handful of recycled bullet casings, suggesting that we might use them in our jewelry designs. "We were sitting in my living room, holding these recycled casings when it clicked", stated HU co-founder, Carmin Black, "these casings will be a representation of our fight against hunger!  Every time a customer purchases a 'Fighting Hunger' necklace they are peacefully fighting hunger all over the world." Now, 6 years later, the perfectly named “Fighting Hunger Bullet Necklace” remains a best seller and has become a major staple piece for HALF UNITED. Our "Fighting Hunger" bullet necklaces represent YOUR fight against global hunger. We're repurposing bullets for good!  For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, YOU give 7 meals to a child in need. Thank you for being a fighter and standing for what’s right. Thank you for making a change in the world and making a difference in the life of a child.

HALF UNITED Bullet Necklace

HALF UNITED Bullet Necklace

Countries Where YOU are Fighting Hunger