Why the Bullet?

Broke but full of passion, Carmin and Christian Black set out to launch a social enterprise that followed the give-back model that Carmin had discovered while participating in the “Vagabond” program with TOMS Shoes. Meeting daily at the local coffee shop, they dreamed and planned, but it wasn’t until a friend donated a bag of discarded bullet casings that their vision became clear. "We were sitting in my living room,holding these recycled casings when it all clicked,” says Carmin. "These casings will be a representation of our fight against hunger! Every time a customer purchases a 'Fighting Hunger' necklace, they are peacefully fighting hunger all over the world."Now, 6 years later, the perfectly-named “Fighting Hunger Bullet Necklace” remains a bestseller and has become an iconic piece in the ever-growing Half United collection.

Join the Fight Against Hunger