Broke but full of passion, Carmin and Christian Black set out to launch a social enterprise that followed the give-back model that Carmin had discovered while participating in the “Vagabond” program with TOMS Shoes. Meeting daily at a local coffee shop, they were looking for a symbol of their fight against hunger, but it wasn’t until a friend donated a bag of discarded bullet casings that their vision became clear. "We were sitting in my living room, holding these recycled casings when it all clicked,” says Carmin. "These casings will be a representation of our fight against hunger! Every time a customer purchases a 'Fighting Hunger' necklace, they are peacefully fighting hunger all over the world by providing 7 meals for a child in needf." Now, 8 years later, the perfectly-named “Fighting Hunger Bullet Necklace” remains a bestseller and has become an iconic piece in the ever-growing HALF UNITED collection.


Eastwood Necklace, Matte Black

Fighting Hunger Necklace, Silver

Fighting Hunger Necklace, Gold

Fighting Hunger Necklace, Rose Gold