How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

There's a simple beauty that comes from scouting the perfect location, laying out a blanket and breaking bread with friends and/or family.

Curating a picnic goes beyond cheese and crackers from a box. It's an art that creates a shared experience and makes the simplest of meals memorable. It's an easy way to celebrate, open space for intentionality and sit in a stillness that you may not get at your usual restaurant. It's a sunny summer must.

So how do you plan for one of these so-called memorable meals? We have curated below a list just for you on how to plan the perfect picnic.  

1. Location

You do not have to live in the French countryside or on the Mediterranean coast to have the Pinterest-aesthetic picnic we dream of. It can be as simple as your backyard, the local park, a hiking trail or beach. During the heat of summer we do recommend somewhere shady like under a tree, or a time of day that is cooler so that your cheese for charcuterie doesn't turn into fondue.


2. Food & Drink

There are so many ways to pack the ideal meal. It can be as simple grabbing your favorite take-out (pizza, anyone?) and making your way to your selected location. For a group or celebration, we recommend a pot-luck style method. This way, everyone can bring something to share that is easy to serve, such as charcuterie/finger foods, bubbly beverages, and baked-goods for dessert.

3. Simple Joys

Simple joys-- or decor-- does not have to be elaborate to make the space inviting and beautiful. Flowers, your favorite blanket, baskets, wooden serving boards, glasses-- are all simple joys that can elevate the feeling of your picnic depending on the vibe you want.


4. People

Last but certainly not least, picnics are a shared collective experience. Beyond the frill and food, what matters is the community around you. The laughter, conversation, and intentionality of breaking bread with family, friends and loved ones that leads to deeper connections (and full hearts).



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