Fall In Love With Your Everyday


HALF UNITED has been broadening our mission of fighting hunger so that, through our work, people in our community and around the world may lead more full lives. As we gainfully employ artisans and manufacturers to bring our designs to life, we are making an impact. This impact continues as you carefully curate your holiday table with HALF UNITED products and share those with others.


Our products, from tote bags to jewelry and lifestyle accessories, are made with the intent of adding beauty to your life. Aside from quality and aesthetics, each HALF UNITED product is a reminder of the significance of thoughtful purchases.

We hope that every time you carry your Odette leather clutch made in India, you’ll not only feel confident in how it compliments your style, but you’ll embrace the change that this purchase made; the job it provided, the stability it allowed a family, the seven meals it supplied.


It is our joy to know that when you curate the table set of your dreams to gather with your people, you can think about how the drinkware was made of hand blown recycled glass by artisans in Mexico. You can add significance to the things around you by purchasing from a company that puts people first.



It is our mission to leave an impact. That is why we created a space for you to give back in a way that supports the intentional lifestyle you wish to lead.

Fighting hunger is worth it, and loving your everyday life is valuable. Our team’s greatest goal is to inspire a lifestyle that you can be proud of and that feels like home. We hope you will choose to shop HALF UNITED leading into the holiday season.

Whether you shop online or in our new retail store (Opening November 12th), we believe you will be inspired. Your selections will not only enable you to lead a full life as you enjoy these products with your friends and family, but as always, you will be making an impact in the lives of those in need with every purchase. Thank you for your hunger fighting support - you are making a difference.


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