Adding Personality in Your Home Through Decor


“I’m home!” This phrase can often be heard ringing in the halls of homes around the world. It’s usually shouted over the sound of a door closing while keys are being placed on the kitchen table and bags are being dropped to the floor.



If home is where the heart is, then your heart should be reflected in the decor of that place.


The place you live is your haven and should reflect your personality and the things that are important to you. Regardless of the size of your home it is possible to insert your personal style and make it your own. If you are decorating a loft apartment in the city or a large estate in the countryside, you can create an environment for you and your family and the guests you entertain that tells the story of your values and personality.

When curating decor, you might find yourself loving different types and styles which is totally fine - it’s YOUR home. But if you’re wanting to insert a very specific part of your personality into your decor, one of the three following questions might help you hone-in on your personal style:


1. Does this point to the things I value?

An example here would be choosing items that are sustainable or ethically sourced like HALF UNITED’s Maira Wooden Taper Candle Holders. Every person and family has something that drives and motivates them. Let that passion be reflected in your decor.


2. Does this item tell a story about my life that I could impart to others?

Maybe you have been on a life-changing trip where you learned to see the world differently. Let pieces from that country or region be reflected in your decor as a way to share your story with others. We here at HALF UNITED specifically love the country of Haiti and have both the Sova Leather Coaster Set and the Esther Horn Catchall that are crafted there and remind us of the hunger fighting work we are able to do in that nation.


3. Do I like it?

This might seem like a ridiculous question, but just because someone has given you something or it’s been in your family for years doesn’t mean it is a reflection of who you are. Make sure the things that you surround yourself with are things that you genuinely enjoy and are important to you. Choosing items like the Apex Metallic Leather Book Cover are sure to not only be beautiful and functional, but meaningful as well.


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