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FASHION THAT FEEDS // 1 PRODUCT = 7 MEALS FOR A CHILD IN NEED! (free shipping on orders of $50+)

Giving Update: Bread Ovens in Haiti

These children are eating fresh baked bread provided by YOU! Thanks to your purchases, we have been able to provide thousands of pounds of grain and funds to build life giving bread ovens throughout Haiti.


Sustainably Fighting Hunger

Your purchases are providing more than 7 meals for a child in need. Recently, we funded the purchase of 67 Sandal Trees at the NCTC primary school in Labasa, Fiji. At the cost of $10 each, once fully grown, NCTC aims to sell a single Sandal Tree for $12,000! This money will fund feeding and education programs that will impact thousands of lives for years to come!

Learn about the fight against hunger

Honeybees in Fiji

Through pollination, bees help to provide food for people and animals all around the world. Through your purchases, YOU are helping to grow and maintain bee farms in Labasa, Fiji, that pollinate the crops for the nearby families and provide jobs for Fijians. Now that's fighting hunger in a sustainable way!

Learn About Fighting Hunger in Fiji